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Welome to every one interested in bikes!
I guess you want proof that I'm a real Bad Arsed Biker? Well, heres the proof!

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Picture of some Bad Arsed Bikers!

This is where you can find out more details about
how my interest with motorcycles started.

You can also check out which motorcycles I currently have and which
bikes I have also owned in the past.

You can also see what my family and friends are riding.

Oh, and some other biking stuff is here.

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new paragraph How I got into motorcycling in the first place... new paragraph
new paragraph Well, I`ve been keen on motorcycles since I was 17 years old (when I was patiently learning to drive a car), when my Dad suggested I could buy a motorcycle. It just so happened that one of his friends just happened to be selling a bike and after going to have a look, I fell in love with the bikes looks!

Picture of my Honda XL185S new paragraph That bike was a Honda XL185S trials bike and I bought it with 2000 miles on the clock and sold it almost seven months later with an extra 6000 miles on the clock. The bike was brilliant and very good as a first bike. Very forgiving and very easy to handle which is foremost when trying to learn to ride.

new paragraph I then traded in the XL185S for a new Honda CB250N Superdream, which I kept on the road for about 2 years doing about 27000 miles but didnt sell till a few years later. The one problem with this bike was that it was a little bit heavy and also underpowered but as a bike it was brilliant - handled well and was comfortable to ride on long journeys. That was probably the bike I had most fun with, albeit not much in the riding sense. The bike was fitted with a Typhoon fairing and I also added loads of lights, as well as a stereo radio cassette and also CB radio rigs! One year also had Chistmas lights up the ariels too >:*) Picture of my Honda CB250N Super Dream

Picture of my Honda CX500EC new paragraph Next bike was a new Honda CX500EC Eurosport and although most people reckoned that the CX models were horrble bikes, I found mine to be great and handled much better after increasing the air suspension pressures higher than specified. I`ve got fairly short legs and so my choice of bike is usually limited by its saddle height and the CX was definitely my tallest bike. What made things worse in the beginning was that the engine was "transverse" and as you revved the throttle, the bike would shake sideways - very un-nerving! This bike lasted me for around 40000 miles (in about 5 years) and I still have it around, although its condition isnt too good at the moment. Ive always wanted to convert it into a trike but still havent got any further than thinking about it. Best thing about this bike was that it was shaft drive and so required vey little maintenance and also the servicing intervals were every 8000 miles.

new paragraph Next new bike I regretably bought was a Honda VF750FE and was probably Hondas biggest mistake as far as bikes went. This only lasted me 13000 miles and I decided to scrap it within 18 months when the engine apparently seized waiting for its third set of overhead cams. When it worked it was a pretty good bike - sadly it didnt work that often >:*(
Luckily, I still had the CX500EC available to use when the VF broke down - thats how the CX did 40000 miles against the VF`s 13000 miles!
Picture of my Honda VF750FE

Picture of my Honda CBR600F new paragraph While looking for a replacement for the VF750FE, Phil my brother, was trying to sell his Honda CBR600F (had only done 2000 miles), and so I decided to give that bike a try. Again, wasnt one of Hondas finest as far as I was concerned and its handling was terrible - my CX500EC was better! The CBR lasted me 3 years and I managed to knock up another 22000 miles but caused me lots of problems mainly due to battery charging problems where the bike would never start and I couldnt wait to get rid of it.

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new paragraph And heres the bikes I currently have... new paragraph
new paragraph After I finally got rid of the CBR in early 1991, I bought myself a new Yamaha XJ900F which is probably the best all-round bike Ive ever had. Its still going strong after 8.5 years (which is good for me!) and has covered 73000 miles.
more details here.

new paragraph That Yamaha XJ900F isnt the only one I have - Ive got two of them, although my second XJ900F one was bought new in 1994 and has only done 3800 miles. At the time, Yamaha had announced the imminant arrival of thier XJ900S Diversion and I didnt like my first sight of that bike, so I got another XJ900F as I was so pleased with the first one I had. Although not used very often, it was a back-up if ever the older bike was off the road for any reason.

new paragraph And finally, to bring things upto date, I`ve also got myself a Yamaha YZF600F Thundercat. I bough the Thundercat in August 1998 and was it bought purely as a fun bike - something I could use to get away from it all and relax and just go out to ride and enjoy myself!
But Ive still only ridden 2800 miles on it!

new paragraph Thanks should also go to my local motorcycle dealership - Mount Motorcycles of Port Talbot - without whose help and advice would probably have turned me into a (spit spit) car driver many years ago!

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new paragraph And heres the bikes friends and family have... new paragraph
new paragraph Dad is currently riding around on a Yamaha XV750 custom bike which he has owned since early 1994.

new paragraph Phil on the other hand has had even more bikes than I have even though hes younger than me! But then thats because I always look after my bikes!!! >:*)
He currently has a 1 year old Suzuki DR650 trials bike as well as a Yamaha YZF1000 Thunderace sports bike, which is just over 2 years old.
But his latest acquistion is a (horrible) Harley 900 something or other - yuk >:*(

new paragraph And finally, theres Debbie & Andrew who upto the recent past used to have a Yamaha YZF600 Thundercat (he`s the one on the left of the main picture above), but traded it in ready for a new Yamaha YZF1000 R1 which they collected in March 1999, when the Uk`s new registration plates were issued.
More news and pics when I get them!

new paragraph But if it hasnt been mentioned here, have a look here for some other bike related stuff - I think you`ll enjoy what I have to show you >:*)

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