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Chez`s Amiga A4000 picture

Welcome to my computer page.
Here you can find out which systems I use (and prefer!) and also find a few links that might help you with your computing interests. >:*)

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new paragraphA brief introduction to my computing interests...new paragraph
new paragraphI have and regularly use four different computer systems. As you`ll see, I do have a sort of love/hate affair with computers... I love Amigas and Psions, (and the Sharp is quite nice too), but hate PCs!
Below is a brief description of the systems I own and use but more information can be found on thier respective pages.

new paragraphFirstly, I have several
Amiga computers ranging from my very first A500 (WB1.3), a CD32, an A1200 and my "baby" the Amiga A4000 '030. I originally bought the A500 as a means of creating titles and graphics for editing my video footage, but very early on realised they would help me with other aspects of my life too.

new paragraphI also use various Psion palmtop computers as well. Main use for these are for replying to my emails and also assisting me with creating my web pages. This is just one of the pages I have created by hand using the Psion.

new paragraph Last years new toy was my Sharp HC4600, which is yet another palmtop computer, but runs on WindowsCE and has a colour screen which is great for proof reading the web pages I create. Like the Psion, I also use it for creating / replying to my many emails too >:*)
Ok, theres not that many, but I have to pretend everyone in the world is emailing me...
Call back soon and I`ll try and get a page dedicated to the Sharp for you to look at >:*)

new paragraph This years new toy tho is a bit bigger, in the shape of a Toshiba AMD-k6 400Mhx laptop which runs Windows98 and Im hoping to use it for emailing and the rest of the programs I use with the desktop PC and maybe even make a start on the next version of this web site - only time will tell on whether I ever get any pages sorted tho!!!

new paragraphLastly, and most hated are my desktop PC's. I have two of them:- an old Escom 486 and my latest P333 II MMx by Advent. I originally got online using my A4000, but bought the 486 because at the time, PCs were easier to use to log onto the internet as the software available for the Amiga at the time was next to useless >:*(

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new paragraphYou might find some of these links handy...new paragraph
new paragraphAmiga related...
new paragraphPsion related...
new paragraphPC related...
new paragraphMiscellaneous sites...
new paragraphSome sites to help you create your own web pages...

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This version of the site was created during December 1998 and last updated on 1 January 2000.
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