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This page describes the legal information that concerns this site.

It also contains all the technical details about how this site
was created and the equipment used, including the computers,
software used and cameras.

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new paragraphPlease read this legal notice...new paragraph
new paragraphFirstly, all the information and pictures are © Paul Jones / Chez, Bad Arsed Biker Productions. That means you are not allowed to use anything without my prior permission.
But then this is the real world and I realise that not everyone is a decent enough person prepared to contact me for permission to use anything contained within this site. If you are that sort of person, then please see below.
However, with that in mind I would be greatful if you would at least follow the guide lines below regarding using anything from this site.

new paragraphIf you are a private individual, then you are free to use anything from this site, PROVIDING that you at least email me and let me know what youve used and that you also include a notice saying where you obtained the photo or information and stating that the © belongs to me. If used on another web site, then a link back to my site would be appreciated.

new paragraphIf you are a commercial user then you will need my specific (snail mailed) written permission before using anything from this site. Depending on how the information will be used I may allow free use of that information but you MUST email me with your snail mail address and request BEFORE using anything. You must also include a link back to my site and information about how you obtained that information and stating that © belongs to myself.

new paragraphIn all cases, no information contained within this site can be used to degrade or offend either myself or anyone else, living or dead. Nor should it be altered in any way or wrongfully claimed as your own original work.

new paragraphOh, and however the information is used, you must not make a profit from distributing it to other people, save for the cost of the media used.

new paragraphThats about it really, except to say that if you choose to use anything contained within this site, then I can accept no responsibility for any mis-use of that information or any damage that may be caused by that mis-use, to anyone or anything, living or dead. Thank you for taking he time to read this legal notice.

new paragraphThat "sort of person?" Then read on...
But please note, if you choose not to comply with my guidelines above, then I wish a pox upon you and your families, hope that you are visted by a plague of painful yellow pus filled boils and hope that the local dogs always urinate in your bed. Otherwise, have a nice day!

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new paragraphThis web site was created and written by hand with the help of the following computers:- Amiga A4000, Psion 3A, 3C and 3MX palmtops, and an Advent PC compatible P333 II MMX desktop computer.

new paragraphEquipment used:-
* Epson GT5000 flatbed A4 scanner
* Iomega Zip drive (SCSI version)
* PSIWin connection package
* Scantak flatbed A4 scanner
* Iomega Zip drive (parallel version)

new paragraphSoftware used is as follows:-
* Photogenics art program
* Art Department pro scanner software
* Final Writer (DTP) package
* Word software (included with the Psions)
* MGI Photosuite art package
* JASC`s Paint Shop Pro 5 art package
* Expert`s Animated Email program
* Notepad (included with Windoze)
* Scantastic scanner software
* Netscape web browsers
* Final Writer (DTP) package
* QV Link for linking the Casio camera
* Spin Panorama art program
* Nova Development Corporations clipart Cd collection

new paragraphOther equipment used includes the follow:-
* Minolta 7000 and 9000 SLR`s
* Samsung compact cameras
* Casio QV200 digital camera
* QUE`s Complete Idiots guide to HTML book
* Que`s 10 Minute guide to HTML
* Teach Yourself HTML
* Kodak PhotoCD

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This version of the site was created during December 1998 and last updated on 1 January 2000.
© 1996-2000 Chez / Bad Arsed Biker Productions.