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new paragraph Hi and welcome to my little entertainments page. Here you will find my likes and dislikes regarding the world of entertainment. I have included, where possible, links to other peoples sites that also share my interest with that show. This is a continuing project, so not everything is here at the moment, and will be updated as I find more suitable sites to include. If you know of any, email me and if I like them (of course!!!), I will include the link in a future page update.


new paragraph Here`s my likes.....

new paragraph Heres my dislikes...

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new paragraph Heres some other links that are TV related

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new paragraph On the music side, I have a very varied choice in music I *do* like. Bands like Van Halen and David Lee Roth, Pat Benatar, Yello, Crash Test Dummies, Pharao, amongst others.

new paragraph However, stuff I hate includes anything by Elvis, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, "teeny boy" bands, and Jazz music. Apart from that I can listen to most music.
Hopefully, I`ll also try and sort out some links to my favourite music sites and include them as soon as I can.

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