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Congratulations on finally finding
my ickle part of the World Wide Web!
...what kept you?!?!? >:*)

[A picture of Chez]
Hi, and welcome. My name is Chez the Bad Arsed Biker, (aka Paul Jones),
and youve finally stumbled onto my own little part of the Internet.
Ive recently revised these pages, so I hope you enjoy your stay and dont forget to email me with any comments (good or bad), or requests for something
you`d like to see on this site, or even to say hello!
Be warned though, some of these pages are
still under construction.

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new paragraphBriefly, here`s some details about Chez...new paragraph
new paragraphWithin these pages you can find out a bit more about me, my interests and where I live.For example, you can find out more about me, which for those who didnt get too frightened looking at my photo above will also find a few more pics of me.
Why not check out my pussy cats homepage too!

new paragraphYou can also find out details of where I live where Ive included a few new photos of the area too.

new paragraphYou`ve probably guessed I like computers (well, thats how I got here!) but do you know which models I prefer?
Have a look, you might be surprised!

new paragraphYou`ve probably wondered what the Bad Arsed Biker part is all about? Well, heres your chance to find out!
Hint: I can do it on two, where as most of you probably do it on all fours!
Wheels that is!!!

new paragraphIm also becoming a bit of a Bad Arsed Cyclist too! Heres my page dedicated to cycling around Swansea and some of the views Ive found while out cycling.

new paragraphI also like the usual things like watching TV, listening to music etc. My enertainment page will give you an idea of what I prefer to watch / listen too when Im not doing anything else.

new paragraphAnd if that lot isnt enough to keep me busy, I also like to watch Drag racing at Santa Pod when I get the chance.

new paragraphAnd finally (for a while at least) with Christmas just around the corner, heres my own particular views about this time of the year.

new paragraphWell, thats about all for this introduction, thanks for dropping by to check me out and feel free to check out my other pages while youre here. And remember, feel free to email me with comments, both good or bad about this site, ideas for stuff you`d like to see, or just to say hello!

new paragraphOh, and after many requests - you know who you are - Ive finally taken the step to get myself onto the ICQ network, and you can contact me via this number 28315492

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new paragraphHeres the obligatory *legal notice*...new paragraph

All information including photographs are © 1996-2000 Paul Jones / Chez, Bad Arsed Biker Productions,
but heres more detailed information if you would like to use any of the information and pictures
contained within this site. It also contains details about how this site was created, and the equipment used.

You can contact me at Paul@chez.demon.co.uk

By the way, there have been umpteen visitors to this site or more precisely...
[counter image]
...have been here before you. What kept you?

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This version of the site was created during December 1998 and last updated on 1 January 2000.
© 1996-2000 Chez / Bad Arsed Biker Productions.