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This page is where you can find out a little bit more about me.
Who I am, where I`m from, and the stuff I enjoy doing.

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new paragraphAll about me...new paragraph
new paragraphFirstly, welcome again to my little part of the internet.

new paragraphMy name is Paul jones, altho my nick name is Chez. Im 36 years old and my birthday is in late March (a subtle hint for presents huh?) which means I was born under the sign of Aries the Ram for those that are curious.

new paragraphIm originally from Neath but moved to Swansea with my parents in 1986. Both Neath and Swansea are situated on the coast of South Wales.

new paragraphIm currently living at home with my Dad and we share the house with my two cats as well as a few other pets. I also have a younger brother, Philip, who moved out a few years ago, but only down the road! As for Mum, well sadly, she died back in 1988 >:*(

new paragraphSince leaving school, I joined a local steel works as an apprentice electrician, (now Im a real electrician!), but since they dont allow photography within the site, then I wont mention them again!!!

new paragraphAs a child I liked cycling a lot, but had a break from it when my Dad got me interested in cars and especially motorcycles.
I love driving of all kinds and have both full car and motorcycle licences. That said, I have only ever owned motorcycles, which are my preferred modes of transport!Ive since returned to cycling but only as a leisure interest, and am generally enjoying it - although its getting a bit cold here in the Uk at the moment!

new paragraphI`m also interested in all things electrical and electronic which is evident with my interest of computers and video cameras. My interest in video cameras and the need to edit and create titles for my footage sparked off my interest in computers. My first computer was an Amiga A500 which was (and still is) ideal for creating the titles and effects I require.
I`ve since taken things a bit further and set up my own little edit suite using three Amiga computers and a couple of Panasonic Audio/Video effects and mixer consoles.

new paragraphLike everyone else, I love watching TV and listening to most types of music, details of which can be found here.

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