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[Picture of Vienna, my cat] [Picture of Jess, my other cat] [Picture of Chantico, my other other cat]

Heres a page that Ive created for my various pets and in particular, Vienna, Jess, and Chantico - the cats that have cared to share thier lives with me.

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new paragraph Here`s some details of Vienna who used to keep me company... new paragraph
[Picture of Vienna, my cat] new paragraph Vienna
Born 23 April 1984
Died 27 March 1999

Sadly Vienna who was the eldest of my (then) two cats passed away on the 27th March 1999, just a month short of her 15th birthday >:*(
Id like to think she went kicking and screaming but like so many others before her, she passed away to "Catnip Heaven" peacefully. She had been suffering from what appeared to be something like pneumonia and even though she had been recieving medication from her Vet, it seems the Bitch (as she was affectionately called) wasnt strong enough to fight it >:~*(
She passed away peacefully (which is the main thing) and gracefully and I dont think she suffered too much, Im just glad she hung on long enough for me to say farewell >:*(

Vienna was a short haired tortoise shell and had black and tan colouring.
Her hobbies used to include sleeping a lot but was pretty good at eating too and would tackle nearly anything put in front of her. I think the only things she ever declined was mint flavoured ice cream or chocolate! Oh, and her reluctance to take tablets too. Felt like the film Physco on times - slash slash if you know what I mean! >:*)
Email me if you want to know a better, less painful way in which to give your cat any medication >:*)
Healthwise Vienna was pretty good really, although she lost her right eye a few years ago when she was knocked down by a bloody car driver >:*(

Vienna was so alike myself being a bit of a loner, preferring her own company and didnt much like being petted and stroked - unless it was on her own terms of course! Thats how I finally realised Id lost her - it was the first time I could stroke her tail (Slash slash!) >:~*(
The original cat with CAT-itude!

Its going to be strange here without her around and Im really going to miss her - I feel she`s still around here somewhere and often expect to see or hear her around the house. She was much more than just a cat - strange as it sounds, but she helped me sort my life out many years ago when I was really feeling down. Im just glad she chose to share her life with Jess and me >:*)
She was unique and nothing will ever replace her.

I got her name from an old British TV programme called Rising Damp which featured a miserable old landlord called Rigsby who had a cat called Vienna. When asked by his guests how he chose the name he said something like :-
Well, if you imagine the coldest night of the year, when the polar bears wont even go outside, and you show him (the cat) the door, its "Goodnight Vienna..."

PS Vivra, I hope you didnt mind me using the term "Catnip Heaven"? It sounds just right, altho I guess the Bitch is probably making her prescence well known by now - not a cat to stand back from the crowd - she would be in there making sure everyone knew she was around!
Sleep well Vienna... or should that be "Goodnight, Vienna..."

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new paragraph And here`s the pets that currently keep me company... new paragraph
new paragraph First off, we have Jess who is a longhaired tortoise shell but is lighter in colouring than Vienna was. Jess is still considered my kitten even though she's 13! Her birthday is 31 July (if you feel like sending her a card!), and she is quite shy, but very affectionate. In fact she doesnt like being left alone at all and spends most of her time cwtching upto myself or Dad.

For the children among you, I named her after Postman Pat`s cat. Pat, who starred in his own BBC TV series also had a cat called Jess - although his cat was a male. Now sing with me... Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat... >:*)
[Picture of Jess, my other cat]
Jess is also a fussy eater too and is always picking at her food and often lost out to Vienna who would muscle her way in whenever there was food around!

[Picture of Chantico, my other other cat] new paragraphNext, heres the newest addition to my family, Chantico who I "rescued" from the local RSPCA animal rescue centre in Swansea. Thats where the photo above was taken, on the day we met. Although, if I had my way I think I would have ended up with another ten cats!

I always intended to have three cats - Vienna, Jess and another, but sadly with Vienna passing away Im now back to two cats. But it will be good for Jess to have some company again if we`re ever away from the house and I think she`s starting to realise that Vienna isnt around anymore >:*(
Chantico is a jet black, short haired female and really affectionate. The one thing Ive discovered so far, is that she is always "padding" the floor, the carpet, my bed and even my arms and legs!!! Ouch! Shes apparently six months old (at April 1999) and Ive decided that her birthday is 10 October - well she has to have a birthday sometime!

Chantico isnt her first name - it was originally Blackie but wasnt very imaginative, so Ive changed it as all cats deserve to stand out from the crowd. I found the name Chantico using the Internet and located some pages dedicated to cats names and picked it long before finding Blackie. Chantico stood out and I think suits her. Its origin is from the ancient Aztecs and was the Goddess of fire, the hearth and fertility - although I dont think the fertile bit counts anymore as my Chantico has been spayed! Lets hope she doesnt cause any fires instead!!!

Thats about all I can say for her at the moment - just remains to see how well she and Jess get on with each other, although the house provides more than enough personal space for them both if they dont get on too well at first. Judging by Chantico`s cheekiness at the rescue centre, I think Jess who was always a very shy cat will still be the sub-dominant of the two!!!

Didnt quite go to plan in the early stages though, and Jess made her feelings very clear that Chantico wasnt very welcome. Maybe time will make things easier...>:*(
Both seem to be getting along better wiith each other these days but it did take a few months before they would settle down and cwtch together.

The only time Jess would be brave when Vienna was around was if I had some cooked chicken for them to eat and would take Viennas share if she could. Now, things have changed and Jess is left wondering where her share has gone as Chantico runs past at high speed taking both shares with her... what goes around comes around or so the saying goes!
Please check back soon for some more pics and reports of how these two get to know each other >:*)

new paragraph Other pets I currently have are a Mexican Red Knee Tarantula as well as two tropical fish tanks. The tarantula Ive had for around 9 years and is the only one I currently have. I have previously owned another Mexican Red Knee as well as a Mexican Red Leg and an Honduran Zebra. Philip originally owned the Honduran Zebra and obtained it when it was about 12-18 months old. He planned on selling the spider until I said I would look after it instead and thats how my interest started with Tarantulas. I must admit, it was the tamest of the spiders Ive kept and the only one Ive ever handled. Handling isnt really fair to the spiders (can be fatal if dropped) and besides, the Mexican Red Knees are a lot quicker than I am!

new paragraph The tropical fish tanks I have are 3ft models and are currently being restocked after losing a few fish recently. The older tank just has Neon's at the moment but I hope to add some Pangasias catfish and Plecostmus soon. My second tank only has three fish, and all are quite large:- one Pangasias, a Plecostmus and a Pink Kisser.

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new paragraph And here`s the pets I used to have... new paragraph
new paragraph Altho I have Jess and Chantico now I guess I should inclucde
Vienna here somewhere too. So, apart from Jess, Chantico, the spider and the fish at the moment, I have owned other pets in the past - but not all at the same time! Heres a few pictures...

Picture of two lizards new paragraph My first experiences keeping exotic pets were lizards and I'd kept a few different types before changing to spiders. That said I also (unsuccessfully) had a small Garter snake for a while.
new paragraph Ive also owned several hamsters, both Siberian (the nicest) and Dwarf Russians who are the nastiest, most evil "pet" Ive ever kept.

picture of a chipmunk new paragraph And finally, Ive also kept chipmunks for a while too. Originally bought a pair, but when one died, I returned to the pet store and bought the remaining pair they had which were from the same litter. That didnt seem to help tho and very often found them fighting. Must admit, it probably wasnt the best idea Ive ever had especially since I kept thier cage in my bedroom!!!

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