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Picture of Phil, Chez`s brother

Phil is fairly secretive and shy so this photo is about the bestIve got!

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new paragraphHere`s the bikes Phil has owned...new paragraph
new paragraphPhil is 3 years younger than me, and like Dad and myself he too is into motorcycling.
In fact, for many years he used to be in charge of one of the local centres for the West Glamorgan Motorcycle Training Scheme until work committments meant he couldnt dedicate enough time to running that centre properly.

new paragraphUnlike myself though, Phil is always changing his bikes for different models and the running joke is that I look after my bikes (and love them) whereas he just abuses them and discards them when hes finished with them!
As a result, I think Phil is now on his 12th motorcycle (it may be more - I`ve lost count!), opposed to my total of only 8 motorcycles!

Picture of Phil`s Suzuki ER100new paragraphPhils choice of bikes has been quite varied ranging from trials, custom and road/sports bikes.
His first ever bike though, was a white Suzuki ER100 which was a trials bike, which I think he kept for about 6 months.

new paragraphHis next bike was a metallic blue Honda CB250T custom which he bought after trading in his ER100. Phil kept this bike for a while before selling it to Dad and put the money towards his next bike, the Honda GL500 Silverwing. Picture of Phil`s Honda CM250T

Picture of Phil`s Honda GL500 Silverwingnew paragraphHe later sold the CB250T to Dad which meant he could then buy himself Honda's GL500 Silverwing. The Silverwing was the smaller version of Honda's (then) GL1000 Goldwing custom.

new paragraphSince then, Phil has owned several trials bikes including about three different Yamaha DT125's, and another Yamaha, the XT600E, pictured. The XT is probably the longest hes ever kept a bike at around 5 years! Hes also owned a Suzuki DR350 and his latest trials, the Suzuki DR650.Picture of Phil`s Yamaha XT600E

Picture of Phil`s XJ600S Diversionnew paragraphThen it was time for a change, and so Phil got himself a Yamaha XJ600S Diversion, (pictured) but that only lasted him TWO weeks! He took the XJ600S in for its first service and saw the XJ900S which he sort of fell in love with! A few days later he changed the XJ600S for the XJ900S!
I must admit his choice of the XJ600S was a bit strange and I didnt like it that much, especially as it was chain driven. The XJ900S though, was a shaft drive bike and looked a lot nicer - it was also the modern equivalent of my own XJ900F motorcycles.

new paragraphOf the sports bikes hes owned, there has been a Honda CBR600F, which I eventually bought off him after about 10 months, a Suzuki GSX600F, (probably his worst choice of bike), and his latest, a Yamaha YZF1000 Thunderace, the "big brother" to my own little Thundercat.Picture of Phil`s Thunderace

new paragraphCurrently at the top of Phils wishlist for new bikes are two models of sports bike. Firstly there was the Yamaha YZF1000 R1 - but he only wanted that to beat Andrew (our friend), to owning one first - Andrew won that round though!
His serious choice for next muscle bike though, was the CBR900RR by Honda as hes a big fan of Mickey Doohan >:*)

However, what he actually went out and bought though... wait for it... was a yukky (I can hardly bring myself to say it...) Harley Davidson custom bike, but since I hate them, dont expect a picture of it here!

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