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Picture of Chez on his Pushie

Welcome to my page all about cycling!
Here you can find out about how my interest with cycling started, some details about my two pushies and accessories and also some of the places where I`ve been cycling locally.

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new paragraph The history... new paragraph
new paragraph Well, back in June 1997, I decided that computers were taking up too much of my time and decided that I needed something different to get me away from the screen and provide me wth an alternative method of relaxation. Hence cycling! Couldnt get more different I suppose >:*)

new paragraph I originally started cycling when I was around 4 years old, when I had my first accident. Ask me nicely and you might get to see my scar!!!

new paragraph I then had a 16 year break from cycling when I discovered motorcycles (when I was 17), and so far have been having great fun - even though it can be a bit tiring on times... no wonder motorcycles seemed so attractive! It all started when I tried using my brothers old pushie and after managing not to fall off (honest!), I decided I'd like to get a pushie of my own, which I bought by the end of the week!

new paragraph Im slowly getting used to the fact that I have to propel myself everywhere... now if only I could fit an engine...
Hey, now thats an idea!!!

new paragraph Even to this day, I have resisted the temptation to buy myself any lycra shorts! Just dont ask... ok?

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new paragraph Heres the technical details... new paragraph
new paragraph The first bike is a Muddy Fox Alu Sport with a 19" frame, which I had in June 1997. It has 21 speed Alivio Rapid Fire gears and all the gear / drive mechanism is by Shimano.

new paragraph Sorry, but if you call back soon and I`ll try and get a decent photograph sorted. Until then, take a look at the picture at the top of the page of the Muddy Fox.

new paragraph My latest pushie is a Barracuda Dropzone and got new in July 1999. It has dual suspension which is a bit strange to get used to at the moment, but otherwise ok. It also has Shimano Acera 21 gears and is just going to be used for posing on!!! Barracuda Dropzone pushie

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new paragraph Accessory list... new paragraph
new paragraph Heres some of the accessories Ive fitted...
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new paragraph Actual cycling... new paragraph
new paragraph To date, December 1999, Ive managed to cycle around 2200 miles on the Muddy Fox but only about 100 miles on the Barracuda! Not bad for an old man huh? >:*)
Most of those miles have been carried out on the increasing amount of leisure routes that are startng to appear here in Swansea, although I have also managed to cycle into work a few times as well >:*)

new paragraph My usual routes are all local, and most are around the local trading estate and its lake. Sometimes I will cycle down into Swansea, which is a round trip of around 10 miles. On good days, I'll even cycle as far as the Mumbles which is about 21 miles in total.

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new paragraph Places I`ve visited while cycling... new paragraph
new paragraph The Lake on Swansea`s Enterprise Park
Picture of my local lake new paragraph This is a photo of the lake on Swansea's Enterprise park, looking northwest. Its only about a mile from my house and is easy enough to get too. This is the closest network of cyclepaths to my house and is very relaxing early on a Summer's morning, although it does get busy during the afternoon and early evening.
new paragraph Lots of people visit the lake for many reasons like walking, cycling, fishing, birdwatching and Ive also noticed the local model boat club using the lake too! They used to use the old boating lake at
Blackpill but that has now been turned into a childrens paddling pool.

new paragraph There are usually a load of ducks and moorhens as well as a resident heron there. Ive occaisionally seen a family of swans visit the lake and also saw my very first kingfisher there too >:*)
new paragraph This is the view of the lake but this time looking towards the southeast from the lake`s carpark. In the background you can see Kilvey Hill which overlooks the docks area of Swansea on its furthest side. Although not that high, the final asscent is quite steep and it took until my third attempt before I could cycle all the way to the top, and conquer it!
Thinks... not quite in the same league as the Tour De France mind >:*(
Picture of my local lake

new paragraph Children`s Paddling Pool at Blackpill
Picture of Blackpill Paddling Pool new paragraph This is the site of the old Blackpill boating lake which underwent redevelopment back in late 1997 to be turned into the childrens paddling pool and playground you can see now. Its a shame Swansea City Council couldn`t have spent the money on repairs to the local roads instead >:*(
The pool is sited outside the old Blackpill station of the world famous Mumbles Railway. Sadly the Mumbles railway is no longer with us, which I believe closed in 1960-61 - before I was born anyway!
The photo is looking northeast and in the far left distance you can just make out Kilvey Hill behind the trees.

new paragraph Clyne Park, alongside Blackpill, near Mumbles
new paragraph Now heres a place I only discovered during the summer of 1998. Its a place called Clyne Park, and is close to the site of the paddling pool at Blackpill above. It was also part of the route chosen for a charity cycle ride for the British Heart Foundation which runs the South Wales Bike Ride and is held annually around the month of June. Picture of Clyne Park

new paragraph Swansea Bay, looking across to the Mumbles

Picture of Swansea Bay

new paragraph Heres a photograph, taken from on top of Kilvey Hill, looking over the city centre and across to the Mumbles.

new paragraph Right, thats all for now. Call back soon and I`ll try and get some more photographs uploaded for you.

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This version of the site was created during December 1998 and last updated on 1 January 2000.
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