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Here`s where you can find out about Chez`s hometown of Swansea.

  • Here`s a few brief details about Swansea
  • And here`s some Aerial photographs of the centre of Swansea
  • Some views within the centre of Swansea
  • Pictures of the Marina
  • Some photo`s of the surrounding area
  • Some .MOV files you can play like animations
  • Special news about my other Swansea homepages
  • Links to other related web sites
  • And dont forget you can also check out my cycling page for other local photographs

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new paragraphDetails of Swansea...new paragraph
new paragraphSwansea, is one of the larger cities in Wales, possibly only out-sized by Cardiff, the capital city. Swansea is situated on the south coast of Wales and is home to many different cultures, both native and "foreign", as well as many differing businesses.
The city itself is home to around 250,000 people, and like many other cities, many of these do not live within the centre itself, but commute into Swansea from the suburbs or neighbouring towns and villages.

new paragraphNeath is a close neighbour to Swansea and was one of the main trading and industrial centres in South Wales up until the Industrial Revolution. Due to its location beside the sea, Swansea was more suited to importing and exporting the goods and services required for a flourishing economy and so took over from Neath as the main trading base within South Wales.

new paragraphSwansea also has its fair share of famous people too, like Sir Harry Secombe (famous for amongst other things, his appearances in the Goon Show radio programmes), Dylan Thomas the poet, and Catherine Zeta Jones, famous for her appearance in the TV programme, The Darling Buds of May, and now her film roles in Zorro and the Haunting... or was it the Haunted House?. Doh!
The recent film (1997-ish) to hit the cinemas, Twin Towns was also set and filmed within Swansea.

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new paragraphSome aerial views around Swansea...new paragraph
[Photograph of Swansea Docks]new paragraphHeres a photo looking East over the old docks that used to be the lifeblood of Swansea businesses. Although not so busy these days, it is still used for importing and exporting various goods, and is also home to the Swansea to Cork ferry service.
To the lower right of the photo, you can see the new Marina development which is part of the local councils attempt at rejunvenating the area.

new paragraphThis is the Marina looking from West to East, and is close to the centre of Swansea. Its been in continuing development for the last 20 years or so and I'm sure the local council will get it right.... one day!!!
Parts of the old docks have been reclaimed and the Marina housing complex is sited over some parts.
[Picture of Swansea's Marina]

[Picture of Swansea's city centre]new paragraphWell, this picture is looking Westwards across to the city centre and showing part of the Marina in the foreground. What can I say about this part? Well, its got shops. Lots of shops!!! Sadly not in the same league as the Metro Centre at Newcastle-upon-Tyne - one of my favourite places for a shopping expedition >:*)
Roads arent too clever though around Swansea, especially for motorcycles :(
(I hope youre reading this Swansea Council?)

new paragraphWell, this is the good (!) part of Swansea. Its where I live of course!!!
My house is the one towards the middle of the screen, the one with the black roof...no....thats not it...its the one next door to that one, over there, with the lawn out the front :))) Like it?
The roads are just as bad here too, with the Council placing "speed humps" all over the place as a way of traffic "calming", but to be honest, they just serve to make the roads more dangerous. Perhaps the Council would have been better off spending the money making the roads safer by repairing the potholes in the roads instead?
[Picture of Llansamlet, Swansea]

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new paragraphSome views around the centre of Swansea...new paragraph
[Picture of Swansea`s Castle][Picture of Swansea`s Castle][Picture of Swansea`s Castle]new paragraphFirst we have a few pictures of Swansea`s Castle sited on the eastern side of the shopping centre. The castle is now in ruins and has been for many years.

new paragraphCall back soon to find more pictures...

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new paragraphSome views around Swansea`s Marina...new paragraph
[Picture of Swansea`s Marina][Picture of Swansea`s Marina]
new paragraphNow we have a few general pictures of Swansea`s Marina just to give you a flavour of what it looks like. It is sited on the eastern side of the River Tawe. The Marina has been reclaimed from some of the old docks and features a large housing complex, as well as Swansea`s Industrial and Maritime Museum,

new paragraph Alongside the Marina is sited the Dylan Thomas Theatre which is dedicated to the works written by Dylan Thomas. I must admit though, the only piece I have ever listened too, is his play Under Milk Wood. To the left of the picture you can just make out the front end of one of the old Mumble`s Trams which is in Swansea`s Industrial Museum.[Picture of the Dylan Thomas Theatre]

[Picture of Captain Cat]new paragraphVarious statues are also sited around the Marina, including this one of Captain Cat one of the characters taken from the play Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas.

new paragraphNext, we have a picture of part of the Industrial Museum with the lightship alongside the quayside.[Picture of Industrial Museum]

new paragraphCall back soon to find more pictures...

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new paragraphSome views around the Swansea area...new paragraph
new paragraphHere`s a couple of photographs taken at the Oystermouth Castle which overlooks the village of Mumbles which is on the far end of Swansea Bay.[Picture of Oystermouth Castle][Picture of Oystermouth castle]
[Picture of Mumbles Bay]new paragraphAnd heres the view you can see from the hill where Oystermouth Castle is situated. The village of Mumbles can be seen in the foreground, and the pier is in the distance.

new paragraphCall back soon to find more pictures...

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new paragraphSome special views around Swansea...new paragraph
new paragraphRight then, youve got this far, so I guess youre probably interested in views of Swansea huh? Well, as a little treat for you, here you can look at some panoramic views of Swansea, all taken using my Casio digital camera and converted into .MOV movie files. You`ll need Apple`s Quick Time for Windows on your computer to run these .MOV files, and if you do download any of the following files, please let me know what you think! Quality isnt spectacular Im afraid, but you can see most things clearly - but I`ll try and re-create the pictures when the conditions are better.
Warning These files can be quite large, so please ensure your computer can run these files before downloading any of them. If youre not sure, I suggest you download the smallest
Marina (242Kb) file before trying the others. new paragraph(339Kb) The Lake on Swansea`s Enterprise park. This is one of the places I go to when out cycling. Its close to my home and provides an ever changing scenery and I havent got bored with going there yet! Can get a bit muddy though in the Winter!
Picture quality is ok.

new paragraph(333Kb) The view from the top of Kilvey Hill looking down onto Swansea city centre and the Bay. In the foreground is the Swansea Docks with the city centre over to the right.
Quality isnt too good on this picture at the moment >:*(

new paragraph(271Kb) A view of Castle "Concrete" (as I call it), which was the site of the old Castle Gardens, but was paved over a few years ago in the name of "improvements". >:*(
Quality is pretty good on this file.

new paragraph(338Kb) First of one of my views of Swansea`s Marina looking out from the west bank onto the River Tawe - in the distance is Kilvey Hill.
Again, quality is pretty good on this file.

new paragraph(1539Kb) Now to the second view of the Marina giving a 360 degree view of the outer dock area. This part is surrounded by some of the housing complex (with new flats being built in the background), as well as the Harbour Masters office and some boat repair yards. Kilvey Hill in the background... again!!!
Quality is also very good.

new paragraph(242Kb) And the third view of the Marina giving another 360 degree view, but this time of the inner dock area. This part is also surrounded by the housing complex that has been built there, but is also home to the Swansea Industrial and Maritime museums, as well as the Dylan Thomas Theatre.
Quality is also very good.

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new paragraphLate news...new paragraph
new paragraphThe original Late news was that I had signed up for an account with Freeserve, and thought about using thier free web space to introduce more pictures about Swansea. That was the good news. The bad news is that I never really liked thier rules about logging on every 30 days and so let that account lapse and am now in the process of trying to find a better, more friendly account. More news when it happens.

Besides, I still have to design and write a new set of pages, so you`ll have to check back to find out the latest details. When ready, I`ll tell you exactly how to get to them >:*)
Before I get started though, please email me if you have any requests for pictures and views you`d like to see of Swansea and the surrounding area, and I`ll see what I can do for you >:*)

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new paragraphHeres some other related Welsh links... new paragraph
Please let me know if you find any others, or want a link to your own Swansea site >:*)
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