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Picture of my Edit Suite

This is where you can find out about my interest in video cameras and editing equipment.
This is one of my new pages and features my very own video edit suite!

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new paragraphHeres the history of how I started with video cameras...new paragraph
new paragraphMy interest with video cameras started way back in 1989 when I bought my first camcorder, a Sony CCD-F500E. It was a natural progession from film photography which was starting to become expensive so I decided to try out video as a cheaper alternative to film processing. Besides, I could always re-record over bad video footage - which is still most of it!

new paragraphIt was only when I became more adventurous and wanted to create some professional looking titles and graphics, that I began my interest with computers. That first computer was the Amiga A500 running Workbench 1.3 (the fore runner to Windoze) and with a whole 1Mb of memory!
And yes, it did work with just 1Mb of RAM!

new paragraphIve since progressed to bigger and better equipment although I dont seem to have as much time available to spend using all the equipment as I would like.

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new paragraphHeres some of the equipment I have in my Edit Suite...new paragraph
new paragraphMy first camcorder was the Sony CCD-F500E - a Video8 unit - although I now have three other Sony Hi8 camcorders to use instead.My favourite of those being the CCD-V5000.

new paragraphFor a long time I used my Amiga A500 for creating titles which looked better after the addition of a Rendale Genlock. The Amiga family of computers were ideally suited for using on video work and were superior (and cheaper), to anything the pc had around at the time.

new paragraphIve since upgraded to using other Amiga's alongside the old ,b>A500. I have a < ahref="amiga.htm#cd32">CD32, which was Commodores attempt at a CD based console, but which I use for accessing the vast number of photo and sound file CDs that can be found in the pc market - it could use almost anyone elses files, including those meant for the pc!

new paragraphFinally on computers, I also use an Amiga A1200 which is at the heart of my titling system. For the titling I use a program called Scala MM400 although a pc version has since been released.

Picture of Panasonic AVE3Picture of Panasonic AVE5

new paragraphTo assist with the title creation and general editing of my video footage, I also use Panasonic Audio/Video effects consoles, namely the WJ-AVE5 and WJ-AVE3.

new paragraphThe Panasonic WJ-AVE5 is ideally suited to mixing two separate live input video sources as well as thier audio tracks and a third audio track too.
The WJ-AVE3 however is more suited to creating or correcting colour casts over the footage as well as the addition of mixing in extra audio tracks.
And between both units I can also create effects like Strobe, Mosaic, Still frame, Paint, Art, Negative and Picture-in-Picture.

Picture of Camlink 700 Vision Controller
new paragraphTo help with monotonous editing though, I use a Camlink Vision 700 edit controller )with my Sony camcorders), which basically starts and stops the recording VCR automatically as the source VCR plays the required footage. Sadly it doesnt have any effects built in so if I need to insert wipe or fade effects to the video or soundtrack, I have to sit through the editing process, using the Panasonic effects consoles >:*(

new paragraphAnd of course, no edit suite would be complete without TV`s to monitor the source and recorded footage and for these I use a mix of Sony and Panasonic 14" colour TVs.

new paragraphMy latest toy (and currently being tested) is a video capture board which for now is fitted to my P333 pc. As the name suggests, the capture board records (captures) the video footage direct onto the computers hard drive. Then with some clever software, that footage can be edited digitally using the computer before being output back onto videotape. If it provides a satisfactory output, I may decide to use this method of editing in the future.
Another feature of the software, is that AVI (computer video), files can be created from a video input and used for any presentation - including here on the internet. Look out soon for an example AVI file!

new paragraphNEW! I`ve finally created a little (well 1.2Mb) .AVI file that if you`ve got the time, you can download and check out.
Its footage of a dragster race taken way back in 1996 at Santa Pod`s Cannonball Run event. I have compressed it as a self-extracting file - you only have to doubleclick the file to open it up.

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