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[Picture of a Christmas Tree]

On this page I have included my thoughts about Christmas and also included my wish list - should Santa Claus ever read this page...

Or some rich, kind and generous person who would like me to benefit from thier kindness!

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new paragraphPlease read this...new paragraph
new paragraphFirstly, these thoughts are my own personal thoughts. The fact that I believe or disbelieve in certain ideals, is purely personal and in no way guarentees that my beliefs are correct or should be followed.

new paragraphFor example, I am an Aethiest and do not believe in any God of any kind. This, I realise may conflict with your own personal views, but is not meant to insult or offend you. I do respect that your beliefs will be different from my own. I am however a human being and will treat anyone with the same respect they care to show to me. You are your own person and should follow your heart in these matters. I believe that you are in charge of your own destiny.

new paragraphSo, as you can see, by default I dont not celebrate Christmas and to be honest hate this time of year anyway. Is it just me being paranoid or do people actually become "nicer" at this time of year? I cant wait till its all over and people go back to being the usual bitter miserable bastards they usually are for the other 50 weeks of the year.
Bah humbug...

new paragraphSanta Claus on the other hand is a different story >:*)
Santa, you can view my wish list below!

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new paragraphHere is my wish list...
For potential presents should any one feel generous enough to want to send me anything!
I have categorised the things I would like to recieve, to make it easier for you to browse through!

new paragraphComputers
* An Iomega Zip drive - combined SCSI and parallel model, or even USB
* An Iomega Jaz drive... and lots of spare cartridges
* A free ISDN link (bills paid for eternally)
* A top of the range digital camera - any make will do!
* Loads of memory for my existing P333 II MMx, my Sharp and my Toshiba Laptop computers

new paragraphMotorcycles
* A Yamaha R1 - just to upset one of my mates!
* A Yamaha TDM850
* A Yamaha XJR1300
* A Honda Varedero
* New waterproof leggings
* A new crash helmet

new paragraph Video camera equipment
* Lots of Sony Hi8 camcorders
* Lots of Sony Digicam video cameras
* A digital edit suite
* A Steadicam "tripod" (on second thoughts, make that TWO of them!)

new paragraphMiscellaneous present ideas
* Christina Applegate >:*)~~
* Free lifetime pass to all Warner Brothers Stores (and the bills paid!)
* I think thats about it on the prezzie side of things... for now!!!!

new paragraphIdeas for a better World
* World Peace - obviously
* All muggers, thieves, rapists and general wrong-doers to be locked up for eternity
* All car drivers to be more courteous to motorcyclists
* More co-ordination for the pillocks who let off thier "Millennium" rockets at all hours of the day and night
* All dogs to be silenced - for ever

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